With our open Generative Engineering platform you can model algorithmic workflows without coding in our visual DNA editor, get real-time CAD feedback and reduce product development time and cost while simply exploring and evaluating several design variants.

Algorithmic Logic and Math

Technical DNA is created by the logical connection of components to form algorithms. ELISE therefore requires no knowledge of programming or scripting, but still allows engineers to build algorithms from the simple to the awe-inspiring. ELISE also enables the seamless integration of logics and data coming from spreadsheets like Excel® or other data sources.

Fully featured CAD Modeling

Our geometric modeling capabilities enable importing and exporting of major CAD files, creation and editing utilities such as boolean modeling operators, feature modeling support, advanced surfacing, thickening and hollowing, blending and filleting and sheet modeling. We include tools for subdivision modelling, algorithm-based model editing, including tapering, offsetting, geometry replacement and removal of feature details with automated regeneration of surrounding data.

Engineering-grade Meshing and FEA

Our meshing capabilities enable highest quality 2D and 3D meshes as well as print-resolution voxel meshing. ELISE controls existing FEA software like e.g. Altair Hypermesh® to build comprehensive FE models. The integration of 3rd party FE solvers like e.g. OptiStruct® enable the physical simulation of complex models at industry standard quality as well as topology optimization.

Additive Manufacturing

ELISE offers mature Design for Additive Manufacturing (DfAM) capabilities with support structure generation, optimization of build-direction, warping analysis, slicing, etc. In addition we enable the integration of third party software for industry-grade support structure generation and process simulation.

Design Study and Optimization

Our exploration and optimization capabilities can be used for Design of Experiments (DoE), sensitivity analyses, meta models and optimization tasks. ELISE can handle continuous (NLP), discrete/integer (IP) and mixed integer (MINLP) problems within single- and multi-objective optimization. ELISE is suitable for problems with up to thousands of variables and hundreds of objectives.

Open Platform

We are convinced that only open systems offer adequate capabilities to create outstanding products. For this reason, ELISE consistently offers the possibility of integrating existing, state-of-the-art software tools and controlling them via our uniform user interface.

Ready-to-use DNA templates allow you to immediately use the most powerful capabilities of ELISE and kick start your application.

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