How can you develop much faster
within increasing complexity?

The product development process (PDP) we know is very time intensive, with manual iteration loops and isolated expert knowledge.

ELISE is a Low-Code Platform for complete engineering process automation that dramatically shortens your entire PDP by integrating all relevant data and expert knowledge at one single point facilitating many automated iterations.

Redefine the rules of your product development process

ELISE. The point that accelerates your product development

We call it: “The Tipping Point”

ELISE can be connected to all common development tools and software.

Get full transparency about your product development processes

Once the process is defined, your development never has to start from scratch again.

ELISE is an open development platform and your point of integration and acceleration.

Speeding up development of better products through faster iterations

Store, share and reuse engineering knowhow

Seamless integration of existing software into our open platform

Holistic overview of the development process within one environment

Make it yours

ELISE can be applied independently of the Industry.

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Getting started with Elise


Meet ELISE. We will be happy to provide you with a demo version and discuss your use case together.


Configure ELISE. Define your road to Generative Engineering, with an own use case and you are all set.


Use ELISE. Develop the best possible product. Not just once, but over and
over again.

Clients developing with ELISE

    Getting in touch.

    ELISE GmbH
    Konsul-Smidt-Str. 8u
    28217 Bremen (Germany)
    Phone: +49 (0)421 22159700

    Are you ready to boost your engineering process?

    Start with us!

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