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The way we develop technical products today will change fundamentally. Engineers will no longer design and compute parts by hand in the future – they will develop solutions for automated design in close collaboration with computer and intelligent algorithms.

We develop technical DNA

With more than 10 years of experience in researching bionic design and the growth processes of nature, we have learned that natures complex structures are not directly designed. Only during growth it becomes clear how an organism ideally adapts to its individual boundary conditions of its environment. The variability in growth is based on a clearly defined set of rules. Nature has evolved an amazing solution to implement these rules into organisms: Nature developed the DNA. We believe that this universal principle can be the beginning of a revolution in product development.

ELISE develops a software that empowers engineers to develop products by designing its technical DNA. This DNA bears the essence of the design and necessary rules how to adopt to external conditions. Let your products be generated based on technical DNA like in nature.



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Products developed with ELISE


Selected Clients

A new, interesting development methodology that also promises great potential for components with conventional manufacturing processes.

Jan-Wolfgang Gruca


The ELISE software makes it possible to obtain a comprehensive overview of conceivable component designs in the shortest possible time and to compare them with each other on the basis of certain criteria.

Bastian Dannemann


The next level of design and validation

Marco Gosch



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