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The way we develop technical products today will change fundamentally. In the future, engineers will no longer design parts by hand. As in nature, Generative Engineering enables the development of DNAs of technical parts, which allow products to be generated perfectly adapted to their boundary conditions. The result is faster development of more innovative products.

Faster development of better products

ELISE is used by some of the biggest names in the automotive and aerospace industries as the tool to achieve high efficiency in design processes, reducing product development times and costs.


ELISE accelerates the pace of innovation by providing an open software platform that enables end-to-end automation of the product development process in all disciplines, such as CAD and FEA, in a single environment.

Unlike traditional development processes that rely on the creation of 2D and 3D models, ELISE enables easy-to-use algorithm-based modeling. Engineers only need to define the requirements of the future part – the solid model or a variety of solution variants are then automatically created by the ELISE software. The integrated interfaces to third party software, such as FE systems, in conjunction with multi-objective optimization algorithms also allow the definition of design loops that optimize the component for specific target values such as cost, weight or strength.

Speeding up development of better products through faster iterations

Store, share and reuse engineering knowhow

Seamless integration of existing software into our open platform

Holistic overview of the development process within one environment

Use cases

Generative engineering can be applied independently of the industry.

Hyundai B-Pillar

BMW Radiator Cover

Volkswagen A-pillar

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