Topology Reconstruction

Automatically generate best performance and lightweighting results with our 100% automated workflow from an initial design space and topology optimization to the trimmed part and export as solid geometry


A technical DNA for topology optimization including automated reconstruction.

The Challenge

With topology optimization algorithms a computer calculates possible solutions and can generate a series of design alternatives. This method allows innovative solutions, but is very difficult to integrate into the workflow of existing development processes and PLM solutions.

The potential of Generative Design with Topology Optimization algorithms is mostly not used, because the interpretation and evaluation of the results has to be done manually and is often combined with an time-consuming redrawing in CAD.

  • Try and error of the parameter settings for Topology Optimization
  • Manual & subjective interpretation and further processing of the results
  • No nurbs geometry to be stored in standard PLM systems

Streamlined connection of powerful Generative Design, Topology Optimization, design-of-experiments and optimization capabilities resulting in a workflow that generates, optimizes and evaluates solutions to be exported as robust solid geometries.

  • Integration of topology optimization, DoE and optimization algorithms
  • Capabilities for NLP, IP, MINLP, single & multi objectives problems
  • 100% automated generation of solid geometries (e.g. STEP export)

Our Approach

Customizable end-to-end workflow for Generative Design using Topology Optimization algorithms within a technical DNA

Your Value

Better understand and optimize your product in the most convenient way

Use Generative Design efficiently for your challenge and explore the optimal solution for your product to save costs or improve performance.

  • Drive innovation and let intelligent algorithms find alternative solutions
  • Improve quality and reduce costs of your product
  • Save time and effort by efficiently integrating Generative Design into your development process

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