Headless Runtime

Seamless interaction between ELISE and any external software using ELISE headless technology

The Challenge

Engineering workflows are usually not interoperable between different software tools. The process of developing interaction between functions in a workflow spanning software tools is a complex task.

  • Expert knowledge is mostly captured inside a tool environment with no or only manual means to share that knowledge with other departments in organizations
  • It requires expertise and often complex scripts to develop an interface, for instance, to compile a workflow of a FEM analysis to another software
  • Programming knowledge and high manual effort are prerequisites to automate the execution of several workflows in a batch file

Our Approach

Generalize frequently used workflows into functions and automate their execution in a faster way by running them in headless mode.



Convert a workflow DNA into a function by defining the inputs and obtaining outputs



Compile the function using command line execution that opens the ELISE software in headless mode



Use simple syntax to integrate the created function in any external software



Automate the execution of several functions in series, one after the other, in a completely automated process

Your Value

Develop seamless interaction between ELISE and any other software with simple syntax using ELISE headless technology.

  •  Take the advantage of ELISE’s algorithm-based product development without having to leave your own software
  •  Execute generalized workflows faster in the software tools you are working in without opening the user interface of ELISE
  •  Achieve powerful automation by combining headless with batch runs to execute inter-connected functions


  • CAD
  • FEA
  • AM Engineer
  • Manager


  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • Consumer Products


Manufacturing technique

  • Sheetmetal
  • Milling
  • Forging
  • Casting
  • AM

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