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Roadmapping of your company‘s way to Generative Engineering

Use Case

Generative Engineering demonstration using your product


Development of your own specific DNA cells


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Generative Engineering enables disruptive product innovations. Since all influencing factors such as design guidelines, costs or production restrictions directly influence the design, the agile process enables several automated iterations in the shortest possible time and leads to first-time-right designs. With our systematic innovation approach, we analyze your development processes and tools and identify the 3D printing potential of your components. A tailor-made roadmap guides your company on the way to Generative Engineering.

Agility of the product development process30%

30% Complete

Lightweight potential of your components85%

85% Complete

3D printing potential70%

70% Complete

Use Case

Do you want Generative Engineering to be applied to your company’s products? We develop the technical DNA of your components with our Software ELISE.
Our use cases provide a deep insight into DNA generation and deliver facts about the potential of Generative Engineering. Our use cases are also a good opportunity for training at your team’s workplace.

Cost reduction

Time reduction

Weight reduction


Your company and your development process are unique. We are able to extend the Generative Engineering approach with your individual IT tools (such as SAP exports or Excel calculations), existing qualified software (e.g. FEA) or individual design guidelines and enable automated interaction between these tailor-made cells.

  • Company specific data models
  • Tailor-made Evaluation Cells
  • Individual design guidelines


Moving from a manual and serial product development process with classic CAD and FE tools to highly automated Generative Engineering is a major change process. In addition to new software, your engineers will change the way they work. You no longer design lines or generate sketches in CAD, you no longer write stress reports. They will develop the technical DNA of the components. We have many years of experience in this kind of work and accompany your team with trainings on the job, eLearings and on-site support in this phase of change.

Software skills30%

30% Complete

Generative Engineering mindset60%

60% Complete

First own DNA project90%

90% Complete

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