A well thought-out and high-performance engineering software does not come by chance. Ranjeeth develops at the heart of our software and thus lays the foundations of our product

A Digital Assistant

Actually, Ranjeeth wanted to design buildings himself. After studying architecture, however, he first developed construction programs for architects. In building design, the automation of processes is already further advanced than in many other areas. Complex, but not very sophisticated calculations have long been performed by computers.
As a backend developer at ELISE, Ranjeeth wants to make the work of technical product developers easier. He designs and implements the steps behind the innovative software. “We offer a smart and experienced assistant for the design of mechanical parts. It takes over all the tiresome tasks in everyday work”, Ranjeeth describes the advantages of the software.

automate processes

Tedious calculations, lengthy evaluations, update loops: These steps have so far slowed down the work of technical designers. “I want to automate processes and thus free people from tedious tasks”, says Ranjeeth. If dull tasks can be done in seconds by computer, engineers have more time for important things. “Either fewer people are needed for development. Or the same number of employees can design many more and better products”, says Ranjeeth, predicting the future of technical product development. 

a new dimension

The 26-year-old has been working at ELISE for two years. “I have learned more here than in any other job so far”, he says. Before that, the Indian-born designer worked in Seattle. What particularly appealed to him about the job in Bremen was the fact that the ELISE software would take automation to a new dimension. This perspective prompted him to take a big leap: Ranjeeth accepted the job at ELISE without ever having been to Germany before. In Northern Germany, he then had to make less of a change than expected: “It rains just as often here as in the Pacific Northwest”, Ranjeeth quickly realized. 


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