Airbus A320 Auxiliary Stabilizing Point

The auxiliary stabilizing point is installed between two frames of the Airbus A320s lower shell at the rear side of the airplane. It is used in final assembly and during maintenance in order to keep the aircraft level. Therefore, it carries part of the airplanes weight.

Unlike conventional serial development processes with sketch based construction and manual FE-iterations, Generative Engineering allows an automated generation of lightweight designs with real time adaption to changing boundary conditions in one software environment. We created the technical DNA of the stabilizing point inlay rather than the component itself.

Within the DNA, the topology optimization visualizes load paths, which are adapted by parametric cross section optimization considering loads and manufacturing constraints. The automated smoothening of the structure and integration of attachment points is the last step of the automated process, leading to the final part for 3D printing. The prototype of this auxiliary stabilizing point shows over 40% weight reduction and 80% less development time.

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Less weight

in comparison to classically developed bracket designs

Saved time

DNA creation in contrast to standard development times