Model-based Systems Engineering (MBSE) & Generative Engineering

Webinar with our partner RWTH Aachen / CSE from 0405.2021

The purpose of implementing a new, digital and more efficient product development process is clear: It is the only way to stay competitive in a rapidly changing environment.
Conventional product development is a long serial process with manual iterations and interfaces between isolated departments. These iteration times can be shortened through greater automation and better interfaces, leading to significantly reduced development times and costs. The Generative Engineering method allows the development process to be digitized as much as possible. On the software side, the focus is not the product to be developed but the process, controlled by the boundary conditions and the expertise of the engineer.

Joined by Dr.-Ing. Michael Riesener, an expert in model-based systems engineering (MBSE) we will discuss how to successfully implement Generative Engineering in different organizations through the open platform ELISE. This builds the foundation for a holistic, seamless and highly efficient way to master speed and complexity in the product development process.

Together with ELISE, the Center of Systems Engineering (CSE) Aachen offers strategic project support for the implementation of generative engineering based on a practical, KPI-driven approach.

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