Generative Design Table

Product development for multiple design variants driven by generative algorithms

Multiple Design VariATIONS

Efficient product development requires an automated process. However, an individual design is usually regarded as proof of excellence. Together with our partner FIT, who is a specialist in additive manufacturing, we demonstrated how both demands can easily be met.

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We used the development of a table as an example use case for the generative design capabilities of ELISE. The engineer determines various parameters like the loads, design spaces and material properties such as aluminium, titanium or carbon and stores them in a technical DNA. Once the basic principles have been defined, the developer holds all possible design options in in his hands.

The designer has the desicion: Is a simple and cost-effective model preferred – or a high-tech product made of high-quality materials and manufactured using innovative production processes? Once the technical DNA is set up, different design variants can be automatically generated by our generative algorithms – and for this, the design does not have to be started from scratch every time. Our software generates, calculates and evaluates the results within seconds.


Realtime manufacturing cost evaluation



Generative design with different materials



Integration of different manufacturing processes


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