Bionic Folding Bike

Technical DNA that automatically develops the frame geometry for any rider and optimizes it to a minimal package volume


Folding bikes must above all be light and space-saving. How would an algorithm design such a bicycle if it had all the freedom of additive manufacturing? We have created a technical DNA that automatically adjusts the bike frame to the loads of any rider weight and ensures a minimum packing size. Ready to print.

Our Bionic Bike is the lightest 3D printed aluminum folding bike in the world. It is the outcome of an automated generation using our technical DNA. Within the DNA established engineering methods were used; amongst others, powerful topology optimizations to reveal critical load paths, parametric optimizations with evolutionary algorithms to find the proper frame geometry with varying cross sections and wall thicknesses, as well as Computer Aided Optimization (CAO) to decrease notch stresses. Furthermore, the integration of adaptive lattice structures ensures an additional reinforcement in highly loaded areas inside the frame. These fine-tunings and the transfer of mechanical principles inspired by lightweight structures of diatom shells led to the development of an outstanding product.


in comparison to classically developed bike designs



DNA creation in contrast to standard development times


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