Volkswagen A-pillar reinforcement

Driving a convertible is a pleasure. However, in the event of a car crash, the open car becomes a grave danger. Discover how our software contributed to a safer riding pleasure in the Volkswagen Golf Cabrio.

Volkswagen A-pillar reinforcement

The development of a robust, integral lightweight design of a crash-relevant reinforcement element of a Golf convertible A-pillar for 3d printing is a challenging task. Uncountable of design variables and a highly complex non-linear FE-setup have to be taken into account.

We were able to support the engineers at Volkswagen in the development of the new Golf Cabrio. The result: More safety for the lovers of open-air driving. In order to achieve this, we first used our software to create the technical DNA of the A-pillar reinforcement . Among others, the technical DNA defines what this important component has to withstand. Our software then provided suggestions for the optimal appearance of the A-pillar. Among other things, the energy absorption in a crash was taken into account as an optimization criteria. ELISE automates the non-linear FE-calculation with Pam-Crash.

Less weight

In comparison to classical A-pillar design


Saved Parts

Reduction of parts for the whole A-pillar assembly


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