Hyundai B-Pillar Connection

Thanks to the generative engineering method, the weight of the B-pillar connection has been reduced by 47%, crash performance has been increased by 20% and development time has been shortened by up to 80%, while complying with all critical constraints.

a new way of thinking

Two major enabler technologies of the automotive future are additive manufacturing technology and the new development world of generative engineering. One provides design freedom and a tool-less manufacturing process. The other offers a yet unknown automation of product development processes. In automotive design, the combination of these two future technologies enables the development of highly efficient vehicle structures in a significantly shorter development time.

The B-Pillar connection represents a critical area of the car body and in the event of a side crash must be able to absorb a lot of energy, resist torsion and bending and at the same time needs to be very stiff – actually hardly compatible objectives.

Using conventional methods, Hyundai engineers have already solved this challenge, but in time-consuming development work. Especially for the efficient design of highly stressed nodes complex bionic structures are required, which can be created in conventional CAD programs only with great effort.

However, with the generative engineering method in the software platform ELISE, the design space could be analyzed on the basis of critical load cases and replaced by lightweight structures with specific mechanical properties using generative algorithms. No manual design was required to create these complex structures.

To validate the B-Pillar node, it was analyzed with respect to its maximum intrusion in a sub-component model during the AEMDB side impact crash. Thanks to ELISE, the weight of the B-pillar connection has been reduced, stiffness has been increased and development time has been shortened, while complying with all critical constraints.

Less weight

The weight has been reduced by 47 percent


More performance

The intrusion has been reduced by 20 percent


Saved TIME

The development time has been shortened by 80 percent


Less parts

The number of individual parts has been reduced by 90 percent


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