GS Trophy radiator cover

Automated series production – and every part is different


The air was on fire: 18 biker teams in Mongolia with their motorcycles at the start of a rally. All of them enthusiastic off-road riders who want to race through Central Asia with their heavy BMW GS machines. That was two years ago, and the GS Trophy Rally demanded the utmost of both, man and material, for one week. In order to distinguish the riders from each other in dust and mud, each machine received an individual radiator cover. This 3D-printed component contained the name and starting number of the driver.

The motorcycle radiator cover serves as a carrier for the riders’ name and starting number. Hence each participating rider receives an individual radiator cover.

For the motorcycles, we first created the technical DNA of the desired component, which automates the entire product development process. Employing the technical DNA, ELISE is able to integrate the riders’ unique information into the design. Thus our software also takes individualisations into account. Each component was then 3D-printed.

The result: a mass product and yet each part was only built once! We have achieved a fully automated process from the input of the driver data to the printable AM part. We can proudly report it took only a few days to design these motorcycle parts with our software. We achieved this exciting process using the e-Stage algorithm developed by our colleagues at Materialise.


Fully automated DfAM process


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