Ariane Bracket Family

Automated lightweight construction for an entire family of components.


Since every gram of weight counts in space travel, but there is often not enough time to optimize each part individually, it was particularly important for our colleagues from the Ariane group to use our software to develop a parametric lightweight design that can be applied automatically to an entire family of components.

Ariane Group did not design each bracket itself, but rather the technical DNA of the component family from which the individual component is automatically created on the basis of intelligent algorithms. Our software adapts each design to the given boundary conditions, which engineers can easily modify to have control over the component.

Until now, changes of the boundary conditions during the ongoing development were often a reason for necessary restarts or iteration loops in the process. With ELISE, such modifications don’t result in manual work anymore – as the existing technical DNA is used for automated adjustments. This saves a lot of time during development and opens doors for the fully automated design of whole component families.

Less weight

Weight reduction compared to the classical design



10min iteration time after initial setup of the technical DNA

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