Industrialization of End-to-End Processes for Additive Manufacturing

Webinar with our partner Fraunhofer IAPT & AM Expert János Plocher from Imperial College London

The progress of industrialization brings opportunities and challenges for established and emerging manufacturing processes. In this context, the method of generative design, or generative engineering as we call it, is becoming increasingly important. The method is also interesting in the area of AM due to the increasing digitalization in product development. The expectations regarding the integration of different process steps and automated component developments are high. Along the process chain of developing and manufacturing AM parts, the integration of many steps is necessary to design, optimize and manufacture AM-compatible components. But how can such an end-to-end process currently be implemented, what role does AM actually play in the context of industrialization and digitalization, and what obstacles still need to be overcome so that AM can also be used effectively for high quantity production? We would like to discuss these and other questions with the great support of two renowned experts from the field of AM and perhaps even provide new impulses for future component development.

Joined by two experts Tim Wischeropp, head of Division AM Design at Fraunhofer IAPT, and János Plocher, AM Expert & PhD of Imperial College London, we will discuss the current and future role of additive manufacturing. We will gain insight into the potential value for manufacturers, discuss the challenges manufacturers face in moving AM to industrial scale and we will have the expert’s opinion on tools and other technologies which will help push the industrialization of AM.

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