Giacomo develops amazing mathematical algorithms that allow complex geometric functions and thus form the basis of algorithmic modeling

applied mathematics

At ELISE, Giacomo fulfils even the most unusual wishes. If the development engineers want to add another feature to the innovative software, they come to their colleague. Then Giacomo fiddles around with a solution, because he is not only an experienced IT developer. The 37-year-old Italian also holds a doctorate in mathematics, which he earned years ago in Bremen.
After a few years of working as a software engineer, he wanted to combine his two major fields of interest more closely and joined ELISE in early 2020. “I don’t just want to program, I want to use applied mathematics at work,” he says.

Growing vegetables

In the meantime, the mix is right, because ELISE’s software relies heavily on mathematical modeling and geometric design. “The whole system is very innovative, I’m constantly learning something new,” says Giacomo. He also finds the atmosphere at the ELISE headquarters in the hip overseas city great: “The team is totally familiar, that’s great fun and motivates me.” Once the heads have smoked too much, Giacomo grounds himself in the greenery. He does it the way his grandfather did it in Abruzzo: Growing vegetables – but today in an allotment garden in Bremen.

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