Become a pioneer and get to know Generative Engineering with our exclusive early access.
Hands-On access to ELISE software in the cloud, 100% online, part-time & self-paced.

Apply until 10.07.2020

With the exclusive early access to our Generative Engineering Software, we offer a selected and limited number of users from 3.8. to 31.8.2020 the opportunity to experience Generative Engineering even before the official sales start.

You will be challenged with tasks to receive our official Generative Engineering certificate.

Apply until 10.07.2020 for the early access and participate in our online courses in the field of Generative Engineering.

Attendees of this online course will learn the mindset of Generative Engineering and get the chance to become familiar with the basic functions of our Generative Engineering software.

This online course is suitable for engineers and product developers without any previous experience in Generative Engineering. 

In a total of 5 sessions you will learn:

  • The basics of ELISE and Generative Engineering
    In this session you will learn about the thinking behind Generative Engineering and the possibilities of process development in ELISE.
  • To handle a Generative Engineering software
    In this session you will get to know the user interface of ELISE and experience some important basic functionalities while generating a CAD geometry.
  • To run a cost evaluation and learn about further FE applications
    In this session you will learn how to evaluate your product with different evaluation methods like cost or FE analysis.
  • To set up parametric workflows with Algorithmic Modeling
    In this session you will learn the basics of a parametric development process and make your first experiences in algorithm-based engineering while optimizing a part.
  • Further potential of Generative Engineering
    In this session you will get an insight into the power of Generative Engineering in dealing with more complex applications. A preview will give you an idea of further useful functions and application possibilities for your product design in ELISE.

Your Benefits

Become one of the first educated Generative Engineering experts
Experience for yourself the application of state-of-the-art technology that that is not yet publicly available
Get a Generative Engineering certificate


ELISE supports engineers in designing an optimal product that meets the required parameters while ensuring optimized performance, such as minimum weight, minimum cost or maximum performance. Industry-specific programs such as established FE-Solver are directly integrated into the workflows and thus become part of the workflow.

ELISE essentially automates the already established, company-specific and manually executed development process and the tools used therein. Users can quickly adapt these designs to changing conditions without having to manually rebuild the development process.



Recurring steps are an excellent application for automation. In today’s development processes, there are plenty of them, e.g. meshing a geometry with a certain quality, defining welding spots, selecting the most suitable material or determining the production costs. With ELISE, we develop the logic of these steps only once and can then use it in all future projects. This saves development time and allows engineers to concentrate on the creative work.



ELISE starts by defining the requirements of a product. It uses the same information that is needed in traditional product development processes, such as materials, manufacturing constraints, load cases and manufacturing costs. In addition, ELISE can map logics that transform expert knowledge into algorithms and integrate them into the workflow. This workflow encodes the essence of all possible designs. Based on the rules, any number of valid component designs can be generated automatically.



The mapping of extensive workflows in a complexity as required by today’s development processes requires a powerful development environment. With its graphical algorithm editor, ELISE provides access to all CAE tasks and offers engineers – even without programming knowledge – a platform in which they can model both simple and very extensive processes.



We are convinced that open systems enable better work. Therefore ELISE consistently offers the possibility to integrate existing software. Whether it is topology optimizers like Optistruct, FE solver like Pamcrash, Support Generation like e-Stage or simply Excel – you decide which tools you prefer to use. And if that’s not enough, our Python and C# interface allows complete customization.