Connected Engineering Success Stories

Leading companies from all over the world in a wide range of industries are already using our game-changing Low-Code software to develop better products faster.


The EDAG Group is a global engineering service provider in the mobility space and develops everything from individual components to entire vehicles, from the first design sketches to fully planned production lines.

The collaboration between EDAG and ELISE goes back several years. Learn more in the video.


Aircrafts are particularly delicate and complex products with a multitude of processes and software tools involved in the production process.

Learn more about how Premium Aerotec (part of the Airbus Group) uses ELISE.


BMW required a customised mass production in order to be able to distinguish the GS trophy rally competitors. For this purpose, each individual radiator cover had to contain the name of the rider and the starting number of the driver.

For this he relied on ELISE, automating 100% of the product development process.


Airbus needed to develop the auxiliary stabilizing point between two frames of the Airbus A320´s lower shell even lighter.

With ELISE they accomplished this, and they saved 80% of their time with DNA creation, in contrast to standard development times.

Looking for more use cases?

Find out more about generative engineering use cases and applications here:

What do our clients say about us?


“The ELISE software makes it possible to obtain a comprehensive overview of conceivable component designs in the shortest possible time and to compare them with each other on the basis certain criteria”

– Bastian Dannemann


“Used properly, ELISE can greatly accelerate my daily work and is extremely versatile!”

– Benedikt Steiger


“Routines for structure optimization can be individually mapped in a DNA and transferred to equivalent applications.”

– Florian Konrad

Generative engineering: How MAN aims to significantly reduce product development time


“With Elise, we have been able to make one step forward in design optimization. The mechanical resistance has been optimized by conserving the material and by reducing the weight. We are happy for any future collaboration.”

– Dr. Anne-Sophie Truchassou

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