Loadpath Skeletonization

Fully automated workflow to identify load paths and convert them into an optimized structure for e.g. body-in-white applications


A technical DNA for reconstruction of topology optimization results with loadpath skeletonization

The Challenge

The transformation and sizing of a topology optimization into parametric designs for e.g. BIY applications is usually time-consuming.

The interpretation of the results of a topology optimization for conventional manufacturing techniques or non-linear load cases is done by manual redrawing in CAD

  • Manual redrawing of topology optimization results
  • Sizing is done in manual iterations
  • Topology optimization mostly used for additive manufacturing

The voxelised skeleton algorithm detects the load paths automatically and transforms them into low fidelity elements which can then be automatically dimensioned and further processed.

  • Automatic loadpath detection and interpretation of free form models
  • Convert and control via low fidelity elements
  • Interoperability with CAD features to generate nurbs geometry

Our Approach

Automatic identification of loadpathes through skeleton lines for further processing and sizing

Your Value

Universal workflow for automated processing of bar-shaped topology optimization results to robust and reworkable CAD geometry

Use the advantages of topology optimization as a template for further parametric designs in series production environments (e.g. casting, welding, assemblies)

  • Full parametric control of topology optimization results
  • Interpretation of topology optimiztation for convential manufacturing
  • Easy manipulation of the load paths for e.g. failsafe designs

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