Generative Routing

The Pathfinder algorithm finds the optimal path in a given design space


A technical DNA finding the optimal routing in a gives design space

The Challenge

It is not only from fairy tales that we know that it is sometimes difficult to find the right path. Obstacles make the way more difficult and it is easy to get lost in a labyrinth. What can be fun in an English garden becomes a pain in the neck in everyday engineering life and prolongs development times.

The design of cable routing or cooling channels can be quite a time-consuming task if it is done in an early concept phase together with different design parameters.

  • Routing problems are challenging to solve in combination with other design parameters
  • The design of paths on the basis of individual target variables is usually only possible manually
  • Manual concepts in PowerPoint are partly the most pragmatic solution

The Pathfinder component is able to find the optimal routing within a given design space. The results of this generative algorithm are lines that can be further processed to solve any design task effortlessly.

  • Highly flexible use of the pathfinding componente in any DNA
  • Pathfinding compent is fully compatible with parallel optimization tasks like DoE, sensitivity analysis, etc.
  • Easy further processing of the results, e.g. with pressure drop components

Our Approach

Our Pathfinder component can be connected to any workflow and solve routing problems on the fly.

Your Value

Convenient and efficient solving of any routing tasks

Save time and increase innovation with the convenience of intelligent routing algorithms

  • Interactive real-time feedback of new routes as boundary conditions change
  • Better products through optimized paths (e.g. greater range for electric cars or shorter cycle times for injection molding)

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