Designspace Exploration & Optimization

Explore, understand and improve your designs using parametric studies, sensitivity analysis and stochastic analysis like design of experiments or evolutionary algorithms


A technical DNA for designspace exploration and optimization

The Challenge

A detailed understanding of the interrelationships between the various influencing factors of your product is crucial to efficiently implement improvements. Unfortunately, an overall model is difficult to achieve, because many software tools would have to be interlinked and their parameters would have to be transferred seamlessly.

Correlations between the influencing factors are not comprehensible across all areas. Potential stays unused due to inefficient and time-consuming manual iterations and unstable software interfaces

  • Interface issues with multiple software tools
  • Problems with robust parametric design
  • Design studies usually only possible within one domain

Direct integration of powerful design-of-experiments, sensitivity analysis and best-in-class optimization capabilities into the technical DNA resulting in closed optimization loops

  • Integration of design exploration (DoE) and optimization
  • DoE, sensitivity analysis and¬† evolutionary hybrid algorithms
  • NLP, IP, MINLP, single & multi objectives problems

Our Approach

We connect software tools with our universal data model in one development environment, enabling robust design exploration and optimization across all domains.

Your Value

Evaluate and optimize design alternatives of your product in the most convenient way and make target-oriented and fact-based decisions.

Save development time with an easy setup of complex design studies and optimization loops to identify the optimal solution for your product to save cost or improve performance.

  • Let evolutionary algorithms find the best design
  • Improve the quality and cost of your product by reviewing many different design alternatives
  • Understand sensitivities and dependencies of your product in detail and make smart decisions

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