Algorithm-based physics simulations

The most time-consuming part of a simulation is usually the manual pre- and post-processing of the FE setup. Unleash the power of intelligent algorithms applied to a fully parametric FE simulation


A technical DNA for algorithm-based FEA


Extensive physics simulations are usually used very late in the development phase and are applied to validate a design. Wouldn’t it be great if designers could consider FE evaluation at a very early stage – and preferably in real time and without an FE expert?

Product development often requires sophisticated simulation setups with qualified FE solver technologies. The setup of these setups takes time and is usually not transferable to other projects with different geometries.

  • No robust connection between parametric CAD and FE
  • FE expert knowledge cannot be automatically transferred to other projects

Our comprehensive pre- and post-processing capabilities enable a fully automated and parameterized FE-simulation control which can be controlled with all available parameters like e.g. geometry, costs or manufacturing.

  • Build complex FE setups directly in the DNA
  • Integration of Altair Hyperworks / OptiStruct
  • Setup parametric FE models on the basis of algorithmic rules

Our Approach

Setup, im- and export robust and complex FE-Simulations within the technical DNA and use the results for evaluation of the generated designs.

Your Value

Make fact-based decisions based on the final FE-simulation results already in the first concept phase of product development

Use FE simulations already in early concept phases, design your products more efficiently and save development time.

  • See the effects of design changes in real-time
  • Save time by reusing FE-setups in different projects
  • Automate FE simulations and achieve optimal products faster

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