Design to cost

Finding the most cost-effective solution already during the development


A technical DNA for design to cost

The Challenge

Product development is under increasing pressure to develop cost-effective products. What if you could consider all costs of the product from the very first sketch and make cost-oriented design decisions?

In most cases, realistic costs can only be evaluated after the design freeze, so that they are not yet available to the development engineer as a decision guidance during product development.

  • Time-consuming cost analyses limit fast iterations in product development
  • No cost transparency during design phase
  • Systematic design adaptation for minimal product costs not feasible

Our open software enables the native implementation of cost models as well as the implementation of external cost evaluation tools via interfaces. Due to our unified data model, cost correlations can be established in all phases of product development.

  • User-friendly integration of spreadsheet tools, such as Excel
  • Automated communication with Excel including VBA macros
  • Define optimization loops that rely on external data sources like XLS, CSV, JSON, etc.

Our Approach

We understand cost data as requirements for a product and implement them with our uniform data model into the technical DNA right from the start.

Your Value

Develop cost-optimized products systematically

Make cost-optimized decisions, because you always have the costs in view. During development and under changing conditions. In real time.

  • Understand the tradeoff between performance vs. cost
  • Assess the cost structure of your product and identify optimization potential
  • React quickly and cost-oriented to changing conditions (e.g. increasing material costs)

If you are interested in optimizing the cost of your product, see our software in action!

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