Bionic Lightweight Design

Best-in-class biomimetic lightweight design features as algorithms


A technical DNA for bionic lightweight design

The Challenge

The transfer of bionic lightweight constructions to technical components is time-consuming due to manual sketches and leads to non-optimal designs, as the designs are not adapted to the technical materials and loads.

Nature has developed robust and efficient lightweight designs. Current engineering tools are not able to create these designs and adopt them to technical products

  • Generating biomimetic designpatterns is not possible in classic CAD
  • Copy & Paste of natural design princtiples doesn’t improve the product
  • Hand drawing of biomimetic designs is time-consuming

The results of more than 10 years of research in biomimetic lightweight design are now available as algorithms in our DNA snippets

  • Load-adapted biomimetic design algorithms
  • Fully parametric bionic combs DNA snippets
  • Biomimetic reinforcement DNA snippets

Our Approach

Integration of multiple bionic design features

Your Value

High performance biomimetic product design

Improve the degree of innovation and the performance of your product by applying bionic lightweight designs

  • Outstanding lightweight design performance
  • Unique selling proposition through bionic design
  • Innovation through biological construction principles

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