With our versatile and ready-to-use product templates of algorithmic modeling and automation workflows, our Low Code  Platform offers quickly adaptable solutions for your specific challenges.

Kickstart your application

With a diverse and unique toolset of engineering automation capabilities, ELISE offers solutions to tackle the specific challenges of any industry.


Create individually customized products fast and easy

Lattice Structures

Create lattice structures that satisfy mechanical requirements

Design to Cost

Calculate and optimize the costs for manufacturing a design


Rule-based generation of Altair OptiStruct models


Automatic identification of loadpaths and their transformation into an optimal structure

Generative Routing

Find the optimal path in a design space around obstacles using the pathfinder algorithm

Algorithm-based FEA

Unleash the power of intelligent algorithms applied to fully parametric FE simulations

Bionic Lightweight Design

Generate best in class biomimetic lighweight designs using parametric algorithms

Topology Reconstruction

Automatically generate lightweight designs with automated workflows

Design Exploration

Perform design of experiments studies and optimize designs with evolutionary optimization algorithms


Repeat a workflow a known or unknown number of times


Build your LBM part first-time-right and integrate the powerful tools of the software Amphyon


Generalize frequently used workflows or assemblies into shareable functions

Headless Runtime

Seamless interaction between ELISE and any external software using ELISE headless technology

Field-Driven Design

Manipulate and morph designs using mathematical fields

Generative Design with HxGN Emendate

Develop AM-ready parts using HxGN Emendate with highly automated & recyclable workflows

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