Design to Cost

Calculate and optimize the costs for manufacturing a design

The Challenge

A decisive factor when designing a part are the manufacturing costs. The feedback loop between design decisions and the costs per part in a traditional product development process is slow and includes multiple departments.

  • No direct and immediate feedback for designers how their design decisions impact the manufacturing costs
  • Waiting for feedback from a different department for minor changes and variants is very time consuming
  • Calculating manufacturing costs includes many factors and is very complex

Our Approach

Enhance your process by developing and evaluating a design in one single workflow and get immediate feedback on the manufacturing costs for different manufacturing methods enabling data-driven manufacturing decisions. For Laser Beam Melting the process is:



Feed the LBM Costing Function with your data (Part mesh, parameters such as overhang angle, part orientation, machine dimensions, material and machine parameters, personnel costs, optional services and additional costs)



Evaluate the number of parts you can print in one job, the costs per part and the volume of the necessary support volume



Link the orientation angles of the part in the machine as parameters, the cost per part and the support volume as responses to a parameter setup



Run an optimization to find the ideal orientation for minimal costs and support structure

Your Value

By getting direct feedback on the impact design changes have on the manufacturing costs, designers can independently make informed design decisions without the necessity to consult and wait for other departments.

  • Immediate feedback loop on the changing manufacturing costs for design variants
  • One single source of truth for your design and cost evaluation process
  • Save time and cost by reducing trial and error with designs that are too expensive and deciding for the best manufacturing method


  • CAD
  • AM Engineer
  • Manager


  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • Consumer Products


Manufacturing technique

  • Milling
  • Casting
  • AM

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