Product Preview: Amphyon inside ELISE

Webinar with our partner AdditiveWorks about the integration of Amphyon form LBM process simulation inside ELISE

We are happy to present our current partnership with Additive Works, our favorite start-up from Bremen providing software solutions for AM process simulation in leading edge! ELISE is the leading low-code development platform for engineers. We strongly believe that every engineer should have the ability to automate their repetitive tasks using world-class algorithms so they can get back to creative activities. Our platform uses a visual programming language and is built on an open ecosystem to enable integrations to industry standard tools – we empower engineers with diverse technical skills to leverage the superpower of software developers.

Regarding end-to-end processes for additive manufacturing, we now take a decisive step towards AM manufacturing preparation with the Amphyon Integration, available in parallel with the next ELISE release. Be ready to integrate the Amphyon Mechanical Process Simulation for a fast mechanical simulation of the laser beam melting process, calculating the residual stress and distortion fields on regular desktop hardware. The Amphyon Predeformation then allows you to pre-compensate residual distortions by adapting the build-up geometry. Using the Generative Engineering approach in ELISE and the Amphyon Integration, you can build holistic DNAs for AM parts that results in designs perfectly adapted to their constraints.

Joined by Jonas Baumeister Additive Works, Commercial Director & Co-Founder of Additive Works and Robert Ciomber, Head of Software Development at ELISE, we will present to you the capabilities of the Amphyon Integration in ELISE. We will give you insight into the available Amphyon tools and show you how to make use of it in the context of end-to-end processes for AM parts.

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