ELISE joins the Altair Partner Alliance

We offer Altair customers great value and automation potential by combining our low-code engineering platform with Hypermesh and OptiStruct


ELISE will soon be available to all Altair customers in the Altair Partner Alliance (APA). That means ELISE provides Altair users with access to the first low-code platform for engineers which extends and automates the great capabilities of Altair HyperWorks and OptiStruct!

We believe that only open systems provide sufficient capabilities to develop outstanding products. For this reason, ELISE consistently provides the ability to integrate industry-standard software tools and automate them through our unified user interface. In the area of simulation, ELISE has been working together with Altair software tools since day one in order to create comprehensive FE models. The integration of Hypermesh and OptiStruct enables physical simulation of complex models with industry-standard quality, as well as topology optimization within the ELISE low-code environment. ELISE offers Hyperworks users the great added value of creating, recycling, and automating their models in a rule-based way and adding CAD functionality. Joining the APA is the most convenient way to bring the innovation of a low-code development environment to Altair customers.

Without any programming knowledge, algorithms can be created in ELISE that automates product development processes from CAD to FE. Using ELISE’s CAD functionality, Hyperworks FE models can be built geometry-based or rule-based to create extremely robust and parametric FE models, simulations, or topology optimizations including fully automated reconstruction to Nurbs geometries. The robust workflows can be easily reused so that typically up to 80% of similar projects can be recycled by copy & paste, which leads to massive time savings.

Konsul-Smidt-Str. 8u
28217 Bremen (Germany)
Phone: +49 (0)421 22159700
E-Mail: info@elise.de

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