About us


From basic research to the first Generative Engineering Platform

It all began with the discovery of the fantastic lightweight construction of marine plankton organisms. Today we are a start-up developing disruptive engineering software. Learn more about the most important milestones on our way.

  • Basic Research at Alfred-Wegener-Institute

    As scientists at the Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar & Marine Research we investigate natural lightweight construction principles and growth processes. On the basis of the knowledge gained, we are developing the first technical products in parallel for various industrial partners.

  • Institute for marine Ressources

    As a technology transfer spin-off of the Alfred Wegener Institute, we continue to investigate the shells of marine plankton organisms in the Department of Bionic Lightweight Structures at the Institute for marine Resources in order to develop more effective constructions.

  • Evolutionary Light Structure Engineering

    Our working method is published as VDI guideline 6224 part 3. It specifies the procedure for product development and optimization of lightweight structures based on natural model organisms within the framework of a defined product development process in lightweight structural construction.

  • EXIST Funding

    Every vision needs someone to support it. We win the EXIST funding program and can thus take the first steps towards software development.

  • The birth of ELISE

    On August 1, 2018 we found ELISE GmbH and from now on develop our Generative Engineering Software, which is the logical consequence of what we have learned in more than 10 years of bionic research and engineering services.

  • Launch of Betaphase

    Together with our betauser from automotive and aerospace OEMs and Tier1s we start to explore the capabilities of Generative Engineering.

  • €3 Million Seed Funding

    With our €3 million funding we mark one of the largest seed rounds for deep-tech start-ups in Germany. The financial investors UVC Partners, Cherry Ventures, Venture Stars and BMWi Ventures support us in the further development of our Generative Engineering platform.

Tobias Jahn

BMW i Ventures

    Martin Junker

    Venture Stars

      Benjamin Erhart

      UVC Partners

        Filip Dames

        Cherry Ventures

          ELISE is funded by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy and the European Social Fund as part of the EXIST programs.